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: 26.295983, 74.730506
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Nasirabad is known as a chhavani in Ajmer. This city has significance for the Indian Army. Nasirabad Cantonment has one of the biggest firing range in India. The army has almost surrounded this town. As far as the security is concerned this is one of the safest place available in Rajasthan due to the presence of the Indian Army. The way this city has grown is awesome. People from different states of India have been interacting with the local population. The Indian army again plays an important role in this activity. This is one of the most famous place in Rajasthan where the 1857 revolt erupted. This was the place which represented Rajasthan in this mutiny. Nasirabad Cantonment is well connected with railways (Broad Gauge of Indian Railways) and also connected with Golden Quadrilateral of Delhi–Mumbai route. Closest airport is Kishangarh Airport, Ajmer which is around 33 km from the city. There are two bus stations from where Rajasthan Public Transport Buses ply to every major town and city in Rajasthan.