The sanitation department of the Nasirabad Cantonment Board strives to provide a healthy and clean environment for its people to live in by maintaining the cleanliness on roads, inside lanes in mohollas and keeping the parks and gardens clean. The department carries out door-to-door garbage collection in all the wards of the Cantonment area and lifts garbage bins placed at various locations in the Cantonment twice a day in order to avoid any garbage overflow and bad sight and stench of the garbage. The staffs of the department ensure that any grievances related to the hygiene of the residents are attended to on an immediate basis. The areas where there are Public Group Latrines (PGL’s) are kept cleaned and in usable condition at all times of the day. The department also carries out an anti-malaria drive in the Cantonment area on alternate days or as per requirement to make sure that the Cantonment area is free from the menace of mosquitoes and other harmful pests.